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Welcome to MB Scooter Rental and Service Repair Center, your one stop
shop for scooter rentals, sales, service/repairs, parts, and accessories. Being
in business since 1998, MB Scooter has built a reputation for excellent
service, value, and quality of work. Over the years, MB Scooter has
garnered a loyal following of customers from celebrities, to local
community, and tourists from all over the world.

Renting a scooter from Beach Scooter Rental is absolutely the best way to xperience South Beach without the hassle of looking for and paying for
parking. Our customers agree that there is nothing better than driving
around with the sun in your face and the wind in your hair!

Unlike our competitors, MB Scooter Rental’s inventory consists of
scooters from some of the best brands on the market, like Kymco, Vespa,
Yamaha, and Piaggio just to name a few. The scooters are constantly
maintained by our in-house mechanics to ensure top performance and
customer safety.


Beach Scooter Rental offers a large selection of new and used scooters from
top brands that are made in Italy, Taiwan, South Korea, and China just to
name a few. All new scooters have manufacturer’s warranty. We stand
behind the products that we sell by honoring the manufacturer’s warranty
and offering repair/service and maintenance in our facility.


Beach Scooter Rental rents some of the best scooters on the market from top
brands such as Yamaha, Vespa, Kymco, Sym, Lance and many others. The
engine size ranges from 49cc (for renters with a regular driver’s license) to
500cc (renters who have a motorcycle license endorsement can rent 125cc to
500cc). Each scooter rental comes with a helmet for each rider and a chain
lock. For those who never rode a scooter before, our patient staff will be
more than happy to demonstrate how to operate a scooter and make sure that
you are comfortable riding a scooter before leaving our store.

Beach Scooter Rental Service Center is open 7 days a week with 2 to 4
experienced mechanics on staff at all times that can handle all of your
service and repair needs in one spot. Some of the services that we offer

  • Tune ups and maintenance;
  • Front and rear break replacement;
  •  Tire change and repairs;
  • Adjusting or replacing a carburetor;
  • Electrical part repair or replacement; and
  • Body part repair or replacement (painting services are done by a licensed painter).

Timely and consistent maintenance is essential to keeping your scooter’s
optimum performance so it is very important to bring in your scooter for
maintenance even though it is not experiencing any problems.

For most of our customers, their scooter is their only mode of transportation.
To ensure that scooter repair and service time is kept at a minimum, Beach
Scooter Rental carries a large selection of tubes/tires, breaks, body parts,
level breaks, engines, carburetors, electric components, coils, CDI, ignition
switches, and much more in stock. As a state of Florida and Miami-Dade
(MVR) authorized franchise dealer, we can order almost any scooter or
motorcycle part available in the U.S. market, from almost any manufacturer,
within a reasonable time and at a competitive price. Subject to availability,
we can provide you with a loaner scooter for the duration of the scooter
repair or service.

For your convenience, Beach Scooter offers a pick-up and drop-off service
for scheduled maintenance or nonoperational scooters. We also have a
towing service when you get stuck on the road with a flat tire or your scooter
stops working. Just call us or schedule a scooter pick-up online.

Paddle-Boarding Rentals
 We can be your source of water sports fun in the miami beach bay, watch the sunset wile standing up or sitting down and view one of the most amazing sky lines in FL. Enjoy fitness, Relaxation, and casuality at the same time. Rent our YOLO brand inflatable paddleboard by the hour with special daily deal for 1 and 2 , hours ,We always welcome groups and offer best prices every day.