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MB Scooter Service Center is open 7 days a week with 2 to 4 experienced mechanics on staff at all times that can handle all of your service and repair needs in one spot. Some of the services that we offer include:

  • Tune ups and maintenance
  • Front and rear break replacement
  • Tire change and repairs
  • Adjusting or replacing a carburetor
  • Electrical part repair or replacement
  • Body part repair or replacement (painting services are done by a licensed painter)

Timely and consistent maintenance is essential to keeping your scooter’s optimum performance so it is very important to bring in your scooter for maintenance even though it is not experiencing any problems.

For most of our customers, their scooter is their only mode of transportation. To ensure that scooter repair and service time is kept at a minimum, Mb Scooter carries a large selection of tubes/tires, breaks, body parts, level breaks, engines, carburetors, electric components, coils, CDI, ignition switches, and much more in stock. As a state of Florida and Miami-Dade (MVR) authorized franchise dealer, we can order almost any scooter or motorcycle part available in the U.S. market, from almost any manufacturer, within a reasonable time and at a competitive price. Subject to availability, we can provide you with a loaner scooter for the duration of the scooter repair or service.

For your convenience, MB Scooter offers a pick-up and drop-off service for scheduled maintenance or nonoperational scooters. We also have a towing service when you get stuck on the road with a flat tire or your scooter stops working. Just call us or schedule a scooter pick-up online.

Pick up & Delivery

Welcome to MB Scooter Pick Up & Delivery Center. We can provide you with the best scooter towing service in the Miami-Dade Area. MB Scooter is number one in towing services for whatever problem you are having. Scooter Won’t Start or just need us to do service and don’t have the time to bring us your scooter, call us and schedule a pick up. Had an accident and need an estimate for repair? Call us to schedule a pick up and get the estimate done right. All you need to do is let us know where you are and when you want to be picked up, and we will come get you. We also offer a drop off service as well. If your scooter is being repaired or serviced and you don’t have the time to pick it up yourself, we can drop it off to you. We take pride in our great customer service as well as making sure all our deliveries are on time and where they need to be!

  • Tune up Service/Maintenance for Scooter engine oil Replace Oil (4 stroke, 2 stroke-fill)
  • Transmission oil SAE 90
  • Spark plug By NGK Brand
  • Air Filter Clean Element
  • Tire Check the tire inflation pressure & tread condition
  • Brake Fluid check Brake fluid level
  • Brake lever proper brake lever free play
  • Brake Cables perform free play adjustment outside of the range of the cable adjusters on the brake lever
  • Brake Pad & Shoe check thickness ,enough material to function properly
  • Nut & bolts tie bolt and nut throttle grip check for smooth rotation of the throttle grip

Tune Up Service

Any Scooter or motorcycle must receive a Maintenance Service to the bike. Every scooter manufacture will recommend when you should do your first service, which you can obtain through reading the owners manual.Usually you should get your first service and inspection done within the first 300-500 miles or within the first three months of owning the bike and after that any 1000 mile or 3 -4 months, whatever comes first . It is Very important that your first service is to be done for inspection and to make sure that your bike is running properly. Getting service done to your scooter will not only keep the life of the bike longer but also insure the security of your vehicle.This is why Beach Scooter offers you our Service Scooter Repair, 7 Days a Week, for all kinds of scooters .If you have a Vespa, Kymco, Sym ,Lance, Wolf, Tao Tao or any other Chinese Scooter you can bring your scooter to our shop for an Estimate, diagnostics, service , Maintenance , tune up, change your brakes,Change your tire , modify your engine, or replace your engine.

Engine Oil Level Check/Inspection

*It is recommended that you run the engine for 2-3 minutes and then stop the engine and check oil level.

1. You want to make sure that your scooter is parked on the main stand and is at ground level, then unscrew the dip stick and wipe it with a clean cloth.

2. Insert back the dip stick and don not thread it, just let it touch the engine case.

3. Remove the dip stick and check the oil level on stick, normally the engine oil should be above the “L” and below The “F” * note don’t over fill your engine oil.

Oil Change

Changing the oil on your scooter is a very important task to do. The reason the oil change is necessary more frequently is because there is no significant oil filter. Meaning that in order to filter the oil you will need to change it more often, which will insure that the engine will always have clean oil. When you drive your scooter for the first couple hundred miles (the break-IN period) your engine will shed very tiny metal particles that will then be floating around in your oil. Since there is no real way to filter out these particles it is necessary to change the oil more frequently during the break-IN period. It is recommend to change the oil every 500 miles during the break-IN period. After you break in the engine you should change the oil on your scooter every 1000 miles to ensure the life and quality of your scooter. Changing the oil in your scooter more often allows the bike to perform better due to the lubrication the oil is providing as well as removing any harmful debris that might be in your oil. The more the oil is used the less it will be lubricating the engine, therefore changing it more often is definitely recommended to guarantee the life of the bike.

Step of change oil

* You want to make sure that your scooter is parked on the main stand and is at ground level. if is not ground level, it will not be accurate when you will put in the new oil .before you start the oil change, beware if the engine was recently Ran, the engine oil ,engine case and muffler can become very hot can cause burring

Note: The engine oil will drain more easily while the engine is warm.

* Prepare a few tools: wrench to remove oil drain Plug, Get A container dish that can get fill up to half a gallon oil and a Funnel (oil Filler)to insert the new oil and Rubber gloves for your safety,

1. Remove the Dipstick, this is the black cap that is used to check your oil level.

2. You want to put the bucket container or can underneath the crank case below the drain bolt or the oil cap filter.

3. There is two way’s to remove the oil:

A. With the Drain Bolt plug, Use your wrench to open the drain plug, make sure you open it slowly and carefully the oil could be burning and then let the old oil drain into the container. Give it a few minutes to let all of the oil drain from the engine. Once all the oil is drained completely from the engine insert back the drain bolt plug making sure to start the threading by hand to ensure that it threads back properly. Finish closing the bolt with a wrench.

B. Or with the cap oil filter screen underneath the stator fan on the button of the engine case. We recommend to remove the oil from the Drain Bolt on the side on the crack case look at. For two reasons, safety and not damaging the engine by opening the cap oil filter screen cap if you decide to open by the Oil Filter screen Cap you must be careful when you open no to get burned from the oil ,since the spring could pop in your hand ,you may want to have the o-ring replace if it is damaged and when you screw back the cap you must be extra carefully that you do not ruin the heads when you close the cap. When putting back the spring and metal mesh you must make sure the metal mesh is sitting properly inside the spring and the spring is sitting on top of the Cap. When tightening the Cap with the screen and spring start to thread by hand to ensure the threads are kinked up properly. Once you feel that the threads are properly linked tighten as much as you can with your hand and continue to tighten with a wrench. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN MUST BE RIGHT.

4. Now once you finish either way step A or B , insert funnel where the dipstick sits. Add oil continuously checking with the dip stick to make sure you do not over fill. Check by your owners manual what is most recommended for you scooter, we use the brand Motul 4 Stroke 10W-40.

** Note do not overfill the engine with oil, if you are overfilling you can cause oil leaking, and contamination of the air filter element as you add the oil keep check the level with your measurement of the dipstick look on instruction of check level.

5. Once your oil level is correct re-insert the dipstick and tighten until fully closed.

Tire Replacement, Repair, and Sales

Welcome to Beach Scooter’s tire center. We are the leading store in Miami Beach to repair or purchase tires for your scooter or motorcycle. We carry just about all sizes and brands of tires. If we do not have a tire that you are looking for we can definitely do our best to get it for you. We have several certified mechanics on site that can help you with any of your tire needs. Not only are we fast we are extremely reliable as well.

There are several different brands of tires. Each brand will give you different performance and life expectancy. Some of the better brands are Michelin and Pirelli. We would definitely recommend using these brands for your scooter/ motorcycle to again increase the life expectancy as well as better performance. There are also other brands like Shinko and Kenda both made in Taiwan. Both these brands are less pricy but still get the job done. Deciding which brand to choose from is all about what you as a customer prefer.

There are several different sizes of tires and the way you can find out is by either the owner’s manual or looking at the tire itself. There are normally three numbers on the tire size. For example tire size 100/90-10. The number 10 is the size of the rim, meaning the rim is 10 inches. The number 100 is the width of the tread meaning it is 100mm. The last number 90 is the aspect ratio 0.90 or (90%), meaning the side of the tire has 90% of the width of the tire. Most tires will be different sizes between the front and back. Today most tires are tubeless but some tires do still require tubes.

Brakes Service

Beach Scooter is the leading Shop to change or repair any of your brake needs. We have all types of brakes that your scooter could need. As well as do all types of repairs on brake pumps, brake lines, and disks. Brakes are one of the most important aspects of your scooter. If you can not brake properly your life could be at risk. It is very important to make sure your brakes are always up to date and working properly.

We use EBC which is the number one leading company in brakes. They have been in business for 35 years and are very high quality brakes. We only use the best at Beach Scooter. Since brakes are very important for safety reasons you want to make sure you are using the best brakes possible. Being cheap on your brakes is one thing you definitely do not want to be.

There are several different types of brakes on scooter. You have the disk brake that works with a hydraulic pump that closes a caliper pushing the brakes against the disk, therefore stopping the scooter. Then you also have a brake shoe where a wire is tightened upon squeezing the brake lever, opening up the shoe therefore stopping the scooter.

Muffler, Exhaust Service

Welcome to Beach Scooter Exhaust- Muffler center. Living in Miami can be very harmful to scooter Exhausts. Because we live so close to the salt water many muffler become very rusty and can crack and brake. It is very important to maintain and clean your exhaust so that the life of the exhaust itself will last longer. Cleaning the exhaust entails a detailed scrubbing to take off any and all rust that has already accumulated. Then once all the rust is cleaned off the exhaust we put a special coating over the entire exhaust to protect it from further rust.

You may also find that sometimes your muffler sounds louder than usual. This may be due to the fact the a screw has broken off from the cylinder head of your engine. Your muffler connects directly to your engine itself in order to release the fumes from the combustion in the engine. Sometimes due to rust or just abuse the muffler will break the screw from the engine. Once this happens it is very difficult to repair. Sometimes you may be able to repair this but you most likely will need to replace the cylinder head in order to maintain a good seal between the cylinder head and muffler.

Engine Repair

Welcome to Beach Scooter’s Engine Repair center. We have the experience and the parts to repair just about any engine. We can work any make or model. Kymco, Sym, Lance, Wolf Brand Scooters, TGB, TaoTao, Vespa, Piaggo, Aprilla, Geniune, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, and Kawasaki.

Belt Replace

Welcome to MB Scooter Drive Belt section. Every scooter is driven by a drive belt. Every make and model has a different size belt on the scooter. It is common to change the belt every 5000 miles or so, that way you can avoid getting stuck out on the road. But it is unfortunate that sometimes your scooter might leave you stranded on the side of the road because your belt has broken. Most scooter owners do not even realize they have a belt inside there scooter. So it is very important to maintain and change your drive belt every so often so that you can avoid being stuck on the side of the road and need to be towed to our store. But not to worry because if this does happen to you we can come and pick you up. Just click on the pick up tab under service and schedule a pick up.

There are several different companies that produce belts. You have Chinese made belts that may not last you as long as a belt made by Powerlink for example. Also another well known brand is Cavalier belts. These two companies make very good belts that would last a lot longer than the Chinese companies. You also have other companies such as mod-cycle that also produce pretty good belts as well.


Welcome to Beach Scooter Accessory Section. We have everything from helmets, rear carrier racks, top boxes, glasses, gloves, chain locks, batteries.

Scooter Storage

Welcome to Beach Scooter Storage center. We provide the best pick up and drop off service in Miami Beach.