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Paddleboard Membership

10 Hours
20 Hours
30 Hours
40 Hours
60 Hours

Membership Information

  • 10 Hours to Unlimited Hours available.
  • Can used more than 1 Hour at a time.
  • Can be used over the entire year.
  • Ages 18 and over.

Membership Policy and Cancellation

Membership are Non-refundable
– All memberships must be over 18 years old with valid ID.
– Paddleboard can be used up to 2 hours max per day.
– Paddleboard rentals ONLY allowed in the Bay area around Sunset Harbor.
– Only the current member can use our equipment.
– Paddleboard availability is based on weather and water conditions. i.e., thunderstorms, heavy winds, strong water currents.
– Membership can be transfer One time only to a person is over 18 years old with ID