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Slingshot Rentals

Quick Details

  • Ages 23+
  • 1-2 passengers
  • Car License & insurance required
  • Fully Automatically
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4 Hours Rentals
24 Hour Rentals
2 Day Rentals
3 Day Rentals
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Miami Beach Slingshot Rentals

Take the thrill of a slingshot around Miami. Our 2-person car slingshot is a fun, fast way to travel Miami Beach. It uses automatic transmission, and will keep you comfortable and cool throughout the sunny Miami weather.


Need to the have Deposit of $1000, The deposit can be paid by cash or credit card on arrival. Cash deposits will be returned back to you once the vehicle is returned back to us in the same condition we gave it to you. Credit card deposits will be void and returned to your account immediately once we have received the vehicle in the same condition we gave it to you. Your credit deposit will be available in your account immediately.


Insurance Liability Must purchase with our insurance