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Price: $1599

Model: AGE
Engine: 50CC
Type: 4-stroke
Cooling: Air
Max Speed: 35 mph
Fuel Tank Cap: 1.30 gl
Brake Mode: Disc/Drm
Front/Rear Tire: 3.5-10
Battery: 12V/7A
Net Weight: 187lbs

Vendetta 50CC

Price: $1599

Make: Attack
Model: Vendetta
Engine: 49cc

RevolutionX Attack 49CC

Price: $1350

Make: Attack
Model: RevolutionX
Engine: 49cc
Type: 4 stroke
Speed: 40+ MPH
Fuel: 75 MPG

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Bad credit? No credit? No problem! We can offer in house financing.

Down payment ($600)

  • * monthly payment start from $99
  • * monthly insurance may need to purchase
  • * require motorcycle License to get finance

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